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Elaine LIM

Senior Consultant

National Cancer Centre, Singapore

Dear SSO Members,


Update: 1 November 2022


Cancer Drug List

The Positive List is now the Cancer Drug List (CDL), and Medical Oncologists have been grappling with it since September 2022. The CDL is now in its nth iteration with many additions. There has not been a deluge of patients from the private sector to the public sector, probably because for patients whose treatments are covered by their insurance policies, they are covered till April 2023. The next big announcement would be from the insurers as to what new riders or products they may offer – the big hope being that non-CDL drugs and off-label use of CDL drugs would be covered here. Undoubtedly, everyone’s eye will focus on the affordability of these new riders/products. November was mentioned as the month in which insurers would make known their plans – our ear is to the ground.

Home Care

Home Care thrived during Covid, as it dovetailed nicely into the pandemic-induced physical distancing measures, and the desire to reduce people-clustering at hospitals. It was employed to administer Covid vaccines, and virtual Covid wards were established to manage the aftercare of Covid patients at home. Home Care also enabled the continuation of selected cancer treatments at home, clearly demonstrating its value in cancer care. Home Care would be worthy of further development, not only to expand the overall capabilities to effect cancer care, but also as a tool for future-proofing our healthcare system, rendering it pandemic-ready. Home Care works well with the rollout of Healthier SG with its drive to better connect with community partners to bring about healthier Singaporeans – in the context of cancer care, it would be about collaborating with home care providers to administer care at home.



This will take place 2-4 December 2022 in a hybrid fashion. In-person presentations and discussions will be made at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Plans are afoot to resume Asian-style wining and dining of our colleagues visiting Singapore for the 1st time in 2.5 years. If no more Covid-related surprises happen, then we can expect ESMO Asia to lead us into a happy holiday season in December. As it is, the vibe in Singapore has been so relaxed lately: masks off, heart rates and adrenaline levels lowered, and the restaurant scene is buzzing.



Till the next update.


Elaine Lim


Singapore Society of Oncology

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