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#Cancer comes in many shapes and forms, and so do we. TRK Fusion cancer is rare overall, but can occur in many parts of the body, affecting both adults and children. To spread awareness of rare cancers such as TRK Fusion cancer, we are collaborating with organizations across the Asia Pacific region, such as the Singapore Society of Oncology Society and Parkway Cancer Centre, to share the personal stories and experiences of healthcare professionals and patients with such rare cancers. How do they picture these cancers? What positive developments in this field can patients look forward to? We posed them these questions and more – stay tuned and watch out for the #PictureYourCancer hashtags to follow their stories.


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Picture a Better World for Rare Cancer Patients

Have you heard of a type of cancer that is rare and unique, driven by DNA changes? As we mark Rare Cancer Day this month, we ask Dr Choo Su Pin, Immediate Past President of the Singapore Society of Oncology, to shed some light on TRK fusion cancer, a rare genetic cancer, and how precision medicine can offer new hope to patients and create a more positive picture for their cancer outcome.

Please click <here> to read more on the interview.

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