The Singapore Society of Oncology (SSO), founded in 1981, is a professional medical organisation for all Singapore healthcare professionals who treat and manage cancer patients. The aim of the SSO is to provide an active platform to promote the practice of oncology through education, research, collaborations and partnerships with allied local, regional and international organisations.


The SSO is committed to providing continued medical education (CME) and other opportunities for the cancer specialist community to further enhance their knowledge, skills and expertise in the rapidly evolving practice of oncology. Where relevant or necessary, the SSO will also represent the views of the society and its members in public forums and debate.


  • To advance the knowledge & practice of medicine in the field of oncology especially in the prevention, recognition & treatment of oncological diseases in this country

  • To promote research in the republic of Singapore in oncology

  • To organise regular scientific discussion and practical demonstrations on subjects related to the prevention, recognition and treatment in oncology

  • To contribute actively in medical and health education at all levels



Singapore Society of Oncology agrees with the Expert Panel on Covid-19 Vaccinations appointed by the Ministry of Health that people who are immunocompromised should hold off receiving these vaccinations. The immunocompromised group includes cancer patients on chemotherapy or immunosuppressive treatment.

The reasoning is that immunocompromised persons were not included in the Covid-19 vaccination clinical trials, so there is insufficient data as regards the safety of these vaccines in this patient population. Also, theoretically, in an immunocompromised state, the Covid-19 vaccine may not induce the immune protection it is expected to.

Patients with advanced stage cancer and currently receiving cancer treatment are potentially in an immunocompromised state. These patients should hold off receiving Covid-19 vaccinations, until more information is available. Family members of unvaccinated cancer patients living in the same household are encouraged to be vaccinated, so as to protect them better.

Patients with early stage cancer who have undergone curative treatment and not currently on immunosuppressive therapy are considered to have immune systems as healthy as any other person without a cancer diagnosis. Covid-19 vaccination is encouraged in these patients.

Please check with your doctor if in doubt about your immune status.

This statement is current as of 20 January 2021; it may change in the future as more data accumulates and as the situation evolves.

Endorsed by National Cancer Centre Singapore and National University Cancer Institute Singapore.

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