Potential drug target may nip cancer in the bud

12 November 2013


Scientists at A*STAR have discovered an enzyme, Wip1 phosphatase, as a potential target to weed out the progression of cancer. Although studies in the past have revealed that this enzyme plays a critical role in regulating the budding of tumours, scientists have for the first time unearthed a mechanism for its mode of action.


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S'pore-led Teams Map Genes In Bile Duct Cancer

04 November 2013


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New clinical trial on intraperitoneal chemotherapy in combination with standard chemotherapy for advanced gastric cancer

6 September 2013


NUH testing a drug delivery method that may help patients in late stage


When cancer spreads into the lining of the abdomen, patients unusualy have fewer than six months to live, even with chemotherapy. But a new way of delivering anti-cancer drugs, new being tested at National University Hospital (NUH), could offer hope even to patients with final-stage gastric cancer. 


It involves sending the chemotherapy drug straight into the abdominal cavity via a tube inserted in the body. This is much like how dialysis fluid is fed into the abdomen of kidney patients, also using a tube. 



Scientist Uncover Most Potent Carcinogen

11 August 2013


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Aggressive Cancer Biomarker Identified

07 August 2013


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1 In 4 Cancer Patients Unaware Of Illness Study

7 June 2013


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Singapore Researchers Identify New Deadly Cancer

31 March 2013


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Scientists Discover Genes That Hinders Cancer Treatment

13 February 2013


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New battle tactic in breast cancer warLocal study finds taking drug before chemotherapy shrinks tumours more 

09 August 2012


A NEW treatment could offer hope for breast cancer patients whose tumours remain too large to remove via surgery despite undergoing chemotherapy. Taking a drug called sunitinib one week before chemotherapy helps shrink the tumours so they get a better shot at going under the knife safely if the need arises, doctors at the National University Cancer Institute have found. 


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