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June 03, 2021


Excerpt on Cancer Patients:

1. Persons with active cancer on treatment are allowed vaccination.

'On treatment' is defined as undergone chemotherapy, immunotherapy or radiation therapy in the past 3 months OR planned in the next 2 months.

They may be vaccinated in a hospital setting, after assessment by the treating oncologist on suitability for vaccination.

2. Patients with cancer not on treatment may continue to be vaccinated at any available vaccination centre/facility.

Please see the <MOH Circular attached> for the full update, dated 31 May 2021.


Elaine Lim.JPG

Elaine LIM

Senior Consultant

National Cancer Centre, Singapore

It has been a turbulent 2020.


SSO changed its usual modus operandi, in order to get to grips with the COVID-19 era.

Owing to distancing measures, big events were cancelled. In its stead, there was a burgeoning of meetings by video conferencing; meeting attendance soared.

SSO remains steadfast in its desire to sustain its past efforts in promoting cancer education and cancer research, as well as being forward-looking, always searching for new heights to scale. The Executive Committee aims to have a wider reach amongst the healthcare professionals of different disciplines involved in cancer care, as well as the general public. The SSO website has been refreshed to be more interactive, bringing cancer education and research materials closer to your doorstep.

As a united voice, SSO sees its role in developing public policy, especially where cancer care is concerned. We are keen to engage with different stakeholders and contribute views and ideas from the healthcare professional perspective, in order to grapple with the issues of the day, and with the ultimate aim of benefiting society as a whole.

In spite of COVID-19, SSO maintains contact with its corresponding oncology societies in the region, congratulating (vaccinated numbers) and commiserating (physical distancing measures) together.


We all look forward to the time when the aviation industry is up and about, and face-to-face meetings are revived.

Thank you for your support for our events in the past, and we hope to have your continued support and active participation in the future.


Elaine Lim

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